Monday, 1 March 2010

Pictures of the cards i made at the weekend

Here's just a few pictures of some of the cards that i made on

saturday , the ones i mentioned on my last post, please excuse the bad photo's, im not that good at taking photos of cards.
The first one, is a baby girl card, much more better than the one i made for my friend that is a few posts down, i really am ashamed of that one i made for them now, kinda wondering weather to gives them this one or not.
The black and white one is lovely, i love it, the backing paper is textured and it has a nice feel to it.
Next is the Jolly Nation one i was on about, sorry not a good picture, but i think its funky, its my first ever 3d box card ive ever made.
Then the last one, i think its funky, i used a sheet of backing paper i got free in a craft mag ages ago and used some bee's i got from burns and harris a couple of weeks back. it turned out well i think.


  1. Lovely cards. I really like the fairy silhoutte one.x

  2. Great cards. I really like the fairy one but the expression on the bees faces are soo cute. Jaqui x