Saturday, 20 March 2010

Nice new notebook

I got this in Waterstones yesterday, inside its a blank notebook, so hoping to write my ideas in, but its so pretty and white, dont really want to mess it up with my messy writing lol

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Look what i made last night!!

i think there funky, prob could have made the label a bitty more better, but i like that its plain and simple. Just added a 'just for you' label that i got out of a label pack from the craft store. Then used a sticker from the forever friends sticker set i got off for only £1.

i ordered some clear pillow boxes from somewhere online, and got some sweeties from asda, wine gums and dolly mixtures.

Only took a few mintues to make each one, i made 7 in total, and im guessing it didnt take any more than an hour.

I think it would be a nice gift to give with a birthday card, or as a well done at the end of the school year or something.

Ive made loads the past few nights, since Jonah's new bed time is at 8pm. I now get to have a good couple of hours each night to myself. Will blog later on about the other things ive done. oh and Happy mothers day to everyone!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Jonah's Teething

hey ive not been online to blog the past few days, as Jonah has been teething badly, and all he wants is mummy, no one else will do. so not getting much time to myself really, but i did manage to make a few cards last night, while he was sleeping. but will hopefully get my mojo back and get back into some proper card making, and stuff. i have the stuff sitting there, to make all these gifts i wanna do, all but some bag things, which im gonna get on ebay next week. but its just finding the time and energy to do it. but oh well. happy crafting....hopefully be back next week with some more creations other than cards!! :)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Pictures of the cards i made at the weekend

Here's just a few pictures of some of the cards that i made on

saturday , the ones i mentioned on my last post, please excuse the bad photo's, im not that good at taking photos of cards.
The first one, is a baby girl card, much more better than the one i made for my friend that is a few posts down, i really am ashamed of that one i made for them now, kinda wondering weather to gives them this one or not.
The black and white one is lovely, i love it, the backing paper is textured and it has a nice feel to it.
Next is the Jolly Nation one i was on about, sorry not a good picture, but i think its funky, its my first ever 3d box card ive ever made.
Then the last one, i think its funky, i used a sheet of backing paper i got free in a craft mag ages ago and used some bee's i got from burns and harris a couple of weeks back. it turned out well i think.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

The past few days

A lot has happened the past few days, that ive been meaning to blog about on each day, but i've just not had the chance to sit down and blog :) anyways here's my week:
Tuesday - took Jonah to baby ryhme time, he loved it, so taking him back this week, he loves me singing to him and me reading to him.
Wednesday/Thursday (cant remember what day lol) anyways i take jonah to play group on weds ans thurs, and it just came up in convo with one of the volenters, sue about my card making, that her husband is a minister in another church and that there having some sort of table top sale?? well she would like me to go and sell my cards! yay!!! so now i have a reason or excuess whatever you want to call it, to make cards!! :)
Saturday - Jonah and i went to pick up his pikiphoto photo that he got taken, so cute, his hair is crazy on it. i got it for £4.99 on one of there many of offers they always have on. which was fab. also went to burns ans harris and picked up a couple of more things for my card making in the hope i could get some made. came home and put Jonah in his jumperoo, as he likes having a wee jump when we get home. was looking thorugh the stuff i bought and didnt hear any noise from jonah.....he had only fallen asleep in his jumperoo!! lol so cute, so i lifted him out and put him in his bouncer to sleep. as he usually naps for about 30 mintues, i thought i might get a card made in that time, so got set to work.......2 hours later and 6 or 7 cards later mum comes home and Jonah wakes up!! yay!!! he never usually sleeps that long, but im glad he did, he needed it, and i needed to get some crafting done.
ive not taken pictures of the cards yet, but i will. i manage to get a box card done, a 3d one, which is funky, a jolly nation one??? i think thats what its called. hoping to make one for my brother and his wife for there aniversay in the middle of march.
anyways im away off, i just thought i would share this week with you guys. Tomorrow, (monday) im gutting out the spare room, to make a nice wee play room for jonah, which will become his bedroom in a couple of years, well thats if he ever gets out the habit of sleeping in my bed with me.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Look what i made with my can of Irn-Bru!!!!

Look what i made...... its ethier a ashtray, candle holder or a soap dish!!! ( i dont smoke and i hate candles, so prob use it as a small sweetie dish lol)

only took me a few mintues, but hoping to make more as candle holders for the family for christmas, as im hoping to have a home-made christmas this year,well expect for jonah, i dont fancy making a bike or that from scratch lol

Baby Girl card for Edele and Krk, it didnt turn out as i was wanting it too :(

My good friend Edele, a fellow bg member and playgroup buddy, had her baby girl on friday past (19/02/10) yay!! seen pictures of her on facebook, she's sooo cute, i miss Jonah being that small, he was never a tiny baby if you know what i mean.

Anyways i was wanting to make her a card, i was wanting to put something to do with stars on it, as Edele is crazy bout stars. anyways...i copy the pic from facebook onto my memory card and went and got it printed up in boots yesterday, im so happy Jonah went to bed at half 8 last night, cause i manage to get the card done all in one go!! :) but sadly it turned out pear-shaped :( i wanted to do glitter writting on the front, but the date got messed up, and i didnt have enough backing paper to make a new one, so with what i had left i cut some out and stuck some over the top of the messed up glitter-ness ( my bed is covered in glitter-booo) so the card itself kinda looks messed up, i was hoping it would be much better than this, but its from the heart, so i hope Edele likes it.

On the plus side, i didnt mess up on the inside of the card, as i always do, my writing and spelling is not the best at times with being dislexic, but im proud that i manage to do the inside with no mistakes :)

They will prob laugh there heads off when they see my atempt at there card, but i just wanted to do something different for them, as i know when Jonah was born, there was a sea of blue cards everywhere, and they will prob get the same with pink cards, so thats why i wanted to do it a bit different.

Sorry had to also put in a picture of Jonah, it was just taken a couple of mintues ago when he was in his jumperoo. when ever you pick up a camera, and say smile, he gives you the biggest smile ever!! yup, thats my boy!!! :)