Sunday, 14 March 2010

Look what i made last night!!

i think there funky, prob could have made the label a bitty more better, but i like that its plain and simple. Just added a 'just for you' label that i got out of a label pack from the craft store. Then used a sticker from the forever friends sticker set i got off for only £1.

i ordered some clear pillow boxes from somewhere online, and got some sweeties from asda, wine gums and dolly mixtures.

Only took a few mintues to make each one, i made 7 in total, and im guessing it didnt take any more than an hour.

I think it would be a nice gift to give with a birthday card, or as a well done at the end of the school year or something.

Ive made loads the past few nights, since Jonah's new bed time is at 8pm. I now get to have a good couple of hours each night to myself. Will blog later on about the other things ive done. oh and Happy mothers day to everyone!!

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