Saturday, 20 March 2010

Nice new notebook

I got this in Waterstones yesterday, inside its a blank notebook, so hoping to write my ideas in, but its so pretty and white, dont really want to mess it up with my messy writing lol

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Look what i made last night!!

i think there funky, prob could have made the label a bitty more better, but i like that its plain and simple. Just added a 'just for you' label that i got out of a label pack from the craft store. Then used a sticker from the forever friends sticker set i got off for only £1.

i ordered some clear pillow boxes from somewhere online, and got some sweeties from asda, wine gums and dolly mixtures.

Only took a few mintues to make each one, i made 7 in total, and im guessing it didnt take any more than an hour.

I think it would be a nice gift to give with a birthday card, or as a well done at the end of the school year or something.

Ive made loads the past few nights, since Jonah's new bed time is at 8pm. I now get to have a good couple of hours each night to myself. Will blog later on about the other things ive done. oh and Happy mothers day to everyone!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Jonah's Teething

hey ive not been online to blog the past few days, as Jonah has been teething badly, and all he wants is mummy, no one else will do. so not getting much time to myself really, but i did manage to make a few cards last night, while he was sleeping. but will hopefully get my mojo back and get back into some proper card making, and stuff. i have the stuff sitting there, to make all these gifts i wanna do, all but some bag things, which im gonna get on ebay next week. but its just finding the time and energy to do it. but oh well. happy crafting....hopefully be back next week with some more creations other than cards!! :)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Pictures of the cards i made at the weekend

Here's just a few pictures of some of the cards that i made on

saturday , the ones i mentioned on my last post, please excuse the bad photo's, im not that good at taking photos of cards.
The first one, is a baby girl card, much more better than the one i made for my friend that is a few posts down, i really am ashamed of that one i made for them now, kinda wondering weather to gives them this one or not.
The black and white one is lovely, i love it, the backing paper is textured and it has a nice feel to it.
Next is the Jolly Nation one i was on about, sorry not a good picture, but i think its funky, its my first ever 3d box card ive ever made.
Then the last one, i think its funky, i used a sheet of backing paper i got free in a craft mag ages ago and used some bee's i got from burns and harris a couple of weeks back. it turned out well i think.