Sunday, 28 February 2010

The past few days

A lot has happened the past few days, that ive been meaning to blog about on each day, but i've just not had the chance to sit down and blog :) anyways here's my week:
Tuesday - took Jonah to baby ryhme time, he loved it, so taking him back this week, he loves me singing to him and me reading to him.
Wednesday/Thursday (cant remember what day lol) anyways i take jonah to play group on weds ans thurs, and it just came up in convo with one of the volenters, sue about my card making, that her husband is a minister in another church and that there having some sort of table top sale?? well she would like me to go and sell my cards! yay!!! so now i have a reason or excuess whatever you want to call it, to make cards!! :)
Saturday - Jonah and i went to pick up his pikiphoto photo that he got taken, so cute, his hair is crazy on it. i got it for £4.99 on one of there many of offers they always have on. which was fab. also went to burns ans harris and picked up a couple of more things for my card making in the hope i could get some made. came home and put Jonah in his jumperoo, as he likes having a wee jump when we get home. was looking thorugh the stuff i bought and didnt hear any noise from jonah.....he had only fallen asleep in his jumperoo!! lol so cute, so i lifted him out and put him in his bouncer to sleep. as he usually naps for about 30 mintues, i thought i might get a card made in that time, so got set to work.......2 hours later and 6 or 7 cards later mum comes home and Jonah wakes up!! yay!!! he never usually sleeps that long, but im glad he did, he needed it, and i needed to get some crafting done.
ive not taken pictures of the cards yet, but i will. i manage to get a box card done, a 3d one, which is funky, a jolly nation one??? i think thats what its called. hoping to make one for my brother and his wife for there aniversay in the middle of march.
anyways im away off, i just thought i would share this week with you guys. Tomorrow, (monday) im gutting out the spare room, to make a nice wee play room for jonah, which will become his bedroom in a couple of years, well thats if he ever gets out the habit of sleeping in my bed with me.

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