Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Baby Girl card for Edele and Krk, it didnt turn out as i was wanting it too :(

My good friend Edele, a fellow bg member and playgroup buddy, had her baby girl on friday past (19/02/10) yay!! seen pictures of her on facebook, she's sooo cute, i miss Jonah being that small, he was never a tiny baby if you know what i mean.

Anyways i was wanting to make her a card, i was wanting to put something to do with stars on it, as Edele is crazy bout stars. anyways...i copy the pic from facebook onto my memory card and went and got it printed up in boots yesterday, im so happy Jonah went to bed at half 8 last night, cause i manage to get the card done all in one go!! :) but sadly it turned out pear-shaped :( i wanted to do glitter writting on the front, but the date got messed up, and i didnt have enough backing paper to make a new one, so with what i had left i cut some out and stuck some over the top of the messed up glitter-ness ( my bed is covered in glitter-booo) so the card itself kinda looks messed up, i was hoping it would be much better than this, but its from the heart, so i hope Edele likes it.

On the plus side, i didnt mess up on the inside of the card, as i always do, my writing and spelling is not the best at times with being dislexic, but im proud that i manage to do the inside with no mistakes :)

They will prob laugh there heads off when they see my atempt at there card, but i just wanted to do something different for them, as i know when Jonah was born, there was a sea of blue cards everywhere, and they will prob get the same with pink cards, so thats why i wanted to do it a bit different.

Sorry had to also put in a picture of Jonah, it was just taken a couple of mintues ago when he was in his jumperoo. when ever you pick up a camera, and say smile, he gives you the biggest smile ever!! yup, thats my boy!!! :)


  1. Aww sweet little teddy bear on your baby card. And yep you're right your boy is so cute. Jaqui x

  2. The fact that your card was 'made from the heart' makes it much much better than any shop bought one. I'm sure the parents loved it. Lovely smile on your little boy too! qwiksave x